About Us

           Created in 1992 and covering an area of 30,000 m2, Fujian Southeast Art Paper Inc. is located in Hualin Economic Development Zone Chengxiang DIST and is an export-oriented company focusing on the paper product.

            In September of 2012, the company built up a new factory in Hualin Industrial Park covering an area of 36 mu to introduce letterpress flexo machine and dyeing machine from home and abroad and exclusively produce high-value solid napkin export products in China, which leads to a professional producer for napkin export product.

           The company owns 11 letterpress flexo machines for the printed Napkins and has accordingly developed series of products like colored tissue paper, colored napkin, colored crepe paper, colored magic wand, typography stained paper, colored paper shred and gold/silver typography paper. A series of high-end and innovative export products with various types and specifications for festival and party purpose and different themes were developed and sold to domestic and international markets. With excellent services and product quality, the company has been very popular among customers from home and abroad and has become a rising star among the export-oriented companies in China.



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